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3 Key Performance Marketing Trends in 2023

Analytics, creatives and ASO: Here are some key ingredients to marketing success in 2023

Marketing Trend #1

Analytics: Put your investigative hats on

Apple privacy changes sparked uncertainty in the marketing industry, but we built and adopted a future-proof measurement tool as optimists and proactive thinkers to get the full picture.

With this tool we are able to take deeper dives into data and analytics, setting the landscape up for future measurement competencies. Therefore, creating a measurement framework like the Mixed Media Model can be privacy safe as it doesn’t rely on user-level tracking.

Where does the market go from here? 🤔

2023 is the year to welcome and embrace a new phase of agile and adaptable measurement with MMM. Brands can leverage this statistical analysis of marketing with actionable insights into cross-channel marketing efforts.

Marketing Trend #2

Creative: Let your artistic juices flow

Are you equipped with the tools needed to capture the attention of an overly stimulated audience? 

This is an audience whose digital media consumption is forecasted to hit 503 minutes per day this year (Think: Watching almost 8 episodes of your favorite show) and is set to rise by another 5 minutes in 2024. 

That’s why it is more important than ever to focus on creative excellence achieved through three simple steps:

Develop a powerful hook: Humans have a very short attention span. A meaningful copy hook that speaks directly to the customer, mentions an interesting or surprising statistic, tells a personal story, asks a rhetorical question, or really captivates the reader in a unique way, to engage and convert with your product, indicates you’re successful in reeling a user in.
Build a creative framework: Create with purpose and know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. Building a roadmap that gives your ad purpose will allow for better-informed tracking for your product or business.
Follow best practices: Creativity is about doing the same thing in a unique way, that’s why diversifying content in an optimal way will boost creative performance. Looking for industry standards and following what others are doing will create benchmarks for progress along the way.

Marketing Trend #3

ASO: Custom Product Pages

What are they?
Customized versions of your main product page in the App Store, highlighting the most relevant features to users. 

Why are they important?
CPPs yield around a 10-15% better conversion rate than standard ASO pages. They also offer consistent messaging and product page design between the traffic source and landing page (think: an integration with paid campaigns).

What’s their benefit?
Performance data is available on the analytics dashboard. You will also be able to leverage unique URLs in Apple Search Ads and other install campaigns

Next, consider how you have interacted with Custom Product Pages and how you can leverage it for business growth, incentivizing your target audience to make a quick decision. 


Looking ahead to 2023 with CPP

Promoting a personalized experience through CPPs effectively allows for an increased focus on improved customer engagement. This is highly relevant for companies focused on App marketing. In turn, enabling greater alignment between marketing and ASO operations, if done right will not only be geared toward future growth but also decrease CPIs. 

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