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Narrative Ads – The top performing ad format

Have you ever felt like diving into TikTok is like a wild rollercoaster with too many loops and turns? 🎢 When you first start to create your next “killer video ad”, at first glance it seems like a breeze – but once you get into it and need to create a script, shoot, and edit it becomes another story. Why not just hire a UGC creator, you ask? Well, that’s a process in itself – briefs, feedback rounds, production, and again a lot of work (but as we all know there are no magic bullets in marketing)

But what if I told you there’s a formula to a new top-performing ad format for TikTok that also works really well for Meta right now?  Say hello to “Narrative Ads” 👋🏻

Hold up! What Are Narrative Ads? 🤔

They’re the mythical creatures of the marketing realm 🦄 – feels like UGC, looks like UGC, but it’s not and it’s all about that storytelling punch.  Forget that same old plot that starts with a person talking into the camera. Native Style Ads take your audience on a transformative journey, a story-driven adventure that’s more relatable than your favorite meme.  

Join the Revolution: The Relatable Hook 🪝

Picture this: “How I became healthy,” “Eating healthy sucks, right?” These hooks aren’t just catchy; they tap into a relatable struggle we’ve all faced.

That is what you need to focus on; creating a relatable copy hook that makes your target audience relate to the message in 1-2  seconds.

Visually speaking, should it be a creator talking into the camera? The answer is no! Either show an item of sorts, and if you decide to show a person, don’t have a person talking into the camera. Let’s begin breaking down the art of Narrative Ads!

(Shout out & credit to Reframe that have mastered this ad format 🏆🤩)

1️⃣ Start with addressing a problem from a first person’s POV:

Taking the Leap: Meet The Hero of the Story 🦸🏻

Meet the main character, the person who was brave enough to embark on this journey.

2️⃣ Now it’s time for the character to share something personal that has been a problem for them:

The Hero of the Story Embarks on a Journey 🏃🏻‍♀️🌎

Who said you need the same character throughout? In this fast-paced format, the story progresses, and when it progresses the main character might not be played by “the same actor”, but the audience will not know that it’s played by two different characters.

3️⃣ Time for our hero to embark on her journey:

Social Proof: Not Just a Good Story 📚

Skeptical? We’ve got stats and social proof to back it up! It’s not just a fairy tale; it’s science-backed, baby. If that’s not enough, use social proof as well to back it up, so you’re both backed by other people and “science”.

4️⃣ Add stats and social proof:

Ready, Set, Go: Getting Started Is a Breeze ☀️

Hurdles? No! Have a clear message that shows it’s both easy to get started and that they’ll see quick wins shortly after they get started.

5️⃣ Show the audience how easy and fun it is to embark on this transformational journey:

The Prestige: Let Your Product Steal the Spotlight 🧙🏻‍♂️

Ta-da! Now, let your product shine by doing a takeover where your brand is displayed. End with a clear call to action, and boom – you’ve cracked the code to top-performing Narrative Ads 🌟

So there you have it  – “the secret sauce” to turn heads, capture hearts, and skyrocket performance. Ready to revolutionize your ad game? 🚀

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