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One of the few ways to measure true marketing impact.

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Geo Lift reveals the true amount of conversions driven by your ads

Fast, Accurate & Incremental

How Our Geo Lift Test Work

Using our synthetic control method, we divide parts of a country into a test and control group and compare the two to accurately determine the number of conversions driven by marketing campaigns.

The true user acquisition costs across your clients channels

The results of Geo Lift By Twigeo has guided companies to re-allocate hundred of millions of advertising dollars to channels where they can gain more impact.

Our unique Industry-leading method

Geo Lift by Twigeo leverages a blend of bayesian statistics with the synthetic control method that drives unmatched accuracy. This is achieved by creating a counterfactual (alternative reality) of what would have happened in the test locations if no ads would have been live there. Actual conversions in the test locations are then compared to this alternative reality to understand the true incrementality of the specific marketing tactic.

Your trusted industry leading partner

+200M USD

+200M USD

We manage more than $200M in ad spend annually and work with clients in the US and EU. We understand marketing and can relate to your challenges.
100+ Tests

100+ Tests

Being a trusted partner to some of the biggest media plattform an agency groups we have run a little over 100 tests.
4 Continents

4 Continents

There is almost no market where we could help your agency and we have done tests from Wellington (New Zealand) to Los Angeles
Preferred Platform Partner

Preferred Platform Partner

Snap, TikTok and Meta have Twigeo as their go to partner when it comes to Geo Lift. Living up to the highest of standards we love to collaborate with partners on the agency and plattform side.

What Geo Lift solves

Are you wasting money bidding on your own brand terms?

Validate how effective your paid social campaigns are at driving incremental growth. Are you over- or underestimating the true performance?

Understand how effective your awareness campaigns are at driving brand awareness that lead to bottomline revenue.

Competitor Comparison

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Nam vel sagittis risus, rutrum semper dui. Vestibulum fermentum tellus eget consectetur tempus.

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