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Move the Needle with Media Mix Modeling (MMM)

25% of your media budget is being misallocated. Here’s how you solve it amidst shifts in privacy settings.

Getting the full picture of your marketing efforts

We’re spilling the beans when it comes to Media Mix Modeling and the most efficient way to use it in your marketing practice in this 4-minute video. Milosz answers your burning questions – from “Why MMM is important to Marketers” to “What one can do to prepare for the inevitable shifts in privacy settings?”

Breaking down all things measurement

Employee Spotlight: Milosz is the Senior Data Scientist and Business Unit Lead for Media Mix Modeling at Twigeo. He is a proud law-school dropout chasing his passion as a mathematician and measurement pro.

Listen to him as he takes you through the secret sauce for ensuring efficient implementation of the Media Mix Model in your marketing.

Curious to know why that’s important for you as a marketer? Press play to find out.

Was that a lot to digest? Here’s a quick TL;DR

  • You need modeling, experiments and tracking to work together to monetize on the efficiency of your efforts
  • Meta study states that at least 25% of your budget gets wasted if you don’t use a sophisticated measurement framework
  • Relying solely on Google analytics, Mobile Measurement Partners or Publisher data is going to lead to a whole lot of mistakes because those things are fundamentally broken
  • Get ahead of future privacy changes (iOS 14 was the first in a domino effect)
  • With the use of the Bayesian Framework and the Blended method (reattribute a part of the efficiency of performance back into the awareness where it belongs) allows us to get a more accurate and full picture of awareness efforts (This is what sets our model apart from others, just sayin’)

How should you, as a marketer, prepare for the future of privacy?

3 words: Expand your toolkit.
MMM + Tracking + Uplift studies = the full picture of marketing efforts

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