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3 tips for creating better ads on TikTok

It’s the short-form video app that has taken the world by storm. If you aren’t one of the 1.67 billion worldwide users, odds are you’ve seen reposts on other platforms. In between the scrolls of recipes or light-hearted memes before bed, TikTok serves up a powerful ad platform.

⚡ Tips on how to create TikTok ads that stand out

Can these ads hit the conversion metrics you need? We’re going to share tips for creating better ads that deliver results.

3 tips on how to create better ads on TikTok

1. Master the art of storytelling

Produce content that offers an attention-grabbing story with a hook and satisfying resolution. Start with a bang and build tension.

2. Leverage trends

The platform thrives on users building off virality. hopping on trends that align with your brand or product can help your ad feel more native to the platform and increase engagement.

For example, the beige flag trend. (Where something is neither good nor bad but makes you pause for a moment when you notice it and then just continue on).

3. Music and sound are key

Music is a crucial component of TikTok. Choose catchy and upbeat tracks that match your ad’s theme and resonate with the audience. Explore sound effects that may enhance your ad’s impact, like AI voiceover. Don’t rush it: finding the right match is important. 

Granted there are other best practices to consider, but checking for these 3 elements will enable your ad to lead with creativity and authenticity.

🎥 Ads we like: Revel

Watch the full video here

If you live outside NYC, it’s likely you’ve missed this ad. It’s a prime example of how to make a killer ad on the app.

Why does it work?

The voiceover is generated with AI (a huge library available on CapCut), it is weird, unexpected while simultaneously being relatable. Because, what’s a car ride without some of your favorite music playing? 

It’s simple, yet effective leveraging a personable tone of voice. The text tells you all that you need to know and tells you twice by reading out what you can see on the screen – from the summer-appropriate promo code offer to visuals of a unique POV, the ad serves its purpose of hooking the audience.

What about performance?


Lower CPA compared to campaign avg.

This ad produced a CPA 20-30% lower than the campaign average (this was the top performer of our second wave of creative launches).

It ran on both Meta and TikTok; on Meta it was 22% better; on TT it was 32% better.

Interested in more tips?

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