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Unlocking iOS App Campaigns Post-ATT

Twigeo's partnership with Meta and the adoption of Measurement 360 and GeoLift unleashed the true potential of iOS app campaigns in the post-ATT era, revolutionizing measurement accuracy and delivering impressive results for both the agency and its clients.

Today, we’re excited to share our story about navigating the ever-evolving world of digital advertising and how we overcame the challenges posed by privacy changes like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT). At Twigeo, we understand the importance of accurate measurement and the impact it has on campaign effectiveness. So, we embarked on a remarkable journey to create a new measurement framework, partnering with Meta’s Marketing Science team. Let’s dive into our experience and the valuable insights we gained along the way.

Navigating the Post-ATT Era

Like many other agencies, Twigeo faced a significant business problem due to privacy changes, such as Apple’s ATT. The inability to measure accurately hindered our ability to gauge campaign effectiveness and help our clients optimize their strategies. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive measurement solution, we decided to build new capabilities in-house instead of patching up our previous measurement system.

Leveraging Measurement 360

To tackle the measurement challenges head-on, we collaborated with Meta to explore Measurement 360, an advanced measurement framework developed in partnership with Deloitte. 

This incredible framework empowered us to utilize our industry expertise, data infrastructure, and data science resources to address a wide range of client questions. Measurement 360 gave us a holistic view of the customer journey while ensuring privacy and agility.

Adopting the Framework: Discovery, Experimentation, and Calibration

Our journey with Meta involved a discovery process to identify key use cases. We focused on understanding channel attribution, creating scalable solutions for different business models, and aligning reported conversions with real business results. Building on our previous success with Meta’s marketing mix modeling (MMM) code, Robyn, we expanded our capabilities by piloting GeoLift, a code package for geographical lift measurement and calibration. We fine-tuned the code to cater to unique advertiser challenges and scaled our MMM services for clients. Additionally, we developed an internal tool based on GeoLift, enabling non-technical employees to design and analyze geo-based experiments.

The Impact: Unleashing the True Potential

Our adoption of Measurement 360 and the integration of GeoLift brought significant benefits to both Twigeo and our clients. Channel attribution became more accurate, revealing that a considerable portion of sales attributed to lower funnel campaigns should be credited to awareness channels. The measurement improvements also highlighted the effectiveness of Meta campaigns.

GeoLift tests for app campaigns showed an average lift of 15-30% in conversions, while e-commerce brands in the CPG-vertical achieved efficient incremental return on ad spend (ROAS), surpassing attributed results by 40%. Calibrating MMM results with GeoLift further improved cost-per-action (CPA) on Meta by 10% and delivered a 10-25% enhancement in return on investment, depending on the channel.

Average lift in conversions


Accelerating the Measurement Journey

With the support of our C-suite and comprehensive efforts across the organization, Twigeo successfully implemented sweeping changes. Our commitment to measurement excellence led to our recognition as a badged Meta Measurement Partner for both GeoLift and Robyn. Additionally, we expanded our measurement team by adding three new data scientists, further solidifying our expertise in the field.

Redefining iOS App Campaigns Post-ATT

The implementation of Measurement 360 and the integration of GeoLift allowed Twigeo to unlock the true potential of properly executed iOS app campaigns post-ATT. While tracking-based measurement frameworks like SKAN are still catching up and underreporting campaign results, our success story showcases the importance of investing in advanced measurement solutions.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of measurement transformation. Stay tuned for more exciting insights and updates from Twigeo as we continue to push the boundaries of digital advertising measurement!

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