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Craft customized storytelling that sticks

Storytelling is the oldest way of conveying our history. Using ads in marketing, as a means of sharing our stories, is a powerful form of giving brands a voice that can inspire billions.

⚡ Secrets to becoming a great storyteller

Here we are sharing some examples of great storytelling in ads along with our best tips to help you elevate your brand with a memorable story.

Build culture

Create customized, niche branding and tell stories that emphasize these characteristics in a memorable way.

Focus on branding to build loyalty. When done right, it can create timeless effects (like nostalgia that may bring a customer back without much convincing).

The “share a coke” campaign, created buzz while establishing strong brand loyalty for coca-cola, through their effective, interactive ad.

Embrace conflict

Overcoming a challenge often elicits positive emotions. But, more often than not, we must find a way to get to the resolution. It’s the in between that the story, the hero’s journey, happens. 

What does your potential customer’s life look like right now? What may they identify with? Tell them why they need this to embrace the conflict they may be facing today. 

Western Union’s, “The Race is On” is a powerful story that urges young girls of the world to remember that the “race is on” – the opportunities that lay ahead are limitless and will set them up for success. 

Make it memorable

This can be pretty simple, but don’t be boring. Ask yourself if YOU find it interesting? Trust your gut. 

Find a way to throw in something specific – does the story occur on a Monday? Did it occur for the user at 2am? How much has the product changed their life?

Play Video

M&M’s chocolate bar ad: Helps make the new product memorable by creating and including characters that are now a staple across their campaigns. 

What makes it great?

🎥 Nike (France) – “Find your Greatness: Jogger”

Everyone knows Nike and has interacted with the brand in some way, shape or form. Whether that means being familiar with the “just do it” slogan or being a Nike sneaker-head. For most, reading that ignites a spark inside, making you feel like anything is possible.

This ad is 10 years old, but the story and feelings of motivation are timeless. Watching it a decade later, it’s still as inspirational as ever before.

That’s what makes finding your greatness with Nike, just that; Great.

📸 Twigeo client: Once Upon statics

What makes it great?

Once Upon, is an app that offers people the ability to tell their stories through photos. We’ve created a series of statics with simple, yet effective slogans that paint a picture and leave an impression. Thus, driving engagement.

From, “your sweet summer memories deserve the best” to “create a photo book on your desktop, tablet or smartphone,” the storytelling is crucial here. It evokes emotion and establishes brand loyalty amongst their target audiences.

💡 Twigeo’s take: Why is storytelling important?

Stories help people remember information by providing context. Storytelling is at the core of culture. It is passed down generation to generation and can help shape our biases and way of moving in the world. Shared culture is rooted in shared stories and ways of communicating.

Stories often:

  • Evoke emotion 

  • Inspire trust

  • Drive engagement

What’s a great story you’ve seen in a marketing campaign?
What made that story great, so much so that it stayed with you?

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