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We were tasked with localising campaigns for future city launches at lightning speed! This is to say, launch a city a day on the day of release. The competition is fierce, so once Voi had launched in a new city, we had to go big or go home – otherwise someone else would swoop in and take the market share.

Currently in 38+ cities in 10 countries (and already prepared for 96 more)

What was the main challenge?

The main goal for Twigeo was to minimise the time it takes from the decision to launch a new city, to being ready to launch with localised campaigns. Our main challenge was that each city requires localised content, advertising, bidding strategy and translations – work that typically takes a week. The goal was to shorten that campaign launch cycle down to one day. We succeeded! But how?

How did we manage to overcome it?

How did we overcome it? To solve this, we made the decision to set up launch plans for each relevant city in Europe. So, once Voi is ready to launch in a new city, we have already prepared the following:

  • Translations
  • Ad bidding strategy, media spend and goals
  • Localised creative material per channel

This agile process has not only increased our responsiveness, but has also helped us cut costs. Preparing multiple cities is not that much extra work, but preparing one city at a time is alot more time consuming. We also support Voi’s geographical expansion is by providing Voi with insights, app store data and growth opportunities. We are proactive by keeping an eye open for what’s next and being ready to launch in future cities. It’s a win-win.

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