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Twigeo was tasked with improving efficiency for Fair’s prospecting and retargeting campaigns, while making use of extensive regional car inventory lists.

10x improvement in retargeting efficiency in first 30 days

What was the main challenge?

Fair has +40K vehicles in their inventory and wanted to serve the most relevant cars based on location and price point. Finding a creative solution that could showcase their inventory and communicate their app’s purpose was a challenge.

How did we manage to overcome it?

Showcasing this immense variety of cars at scale required dynamic ads. We partnered with Smartly to create a product feed for Autos in Facebook, and created templates for dynamic image and carousel ads. The goal was to serve the most relevant cars to people in each region and figure out a winning combo of text, color and product image.

Dynamic ads & templates allowed us to serve the most relevant content to users, based on their browsing behaviour or top products. Using templates for image ads instead of manually creating concepts allowed us to test faster, at scale, and to determine winning combinations of text and image.

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