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Aim’n is a Swedish activewear brand that was founded to inspire women to a healthy lifestyle. They aim to create innovative and wearable garments, and believe in making fashion functional and function fashionable.

Aimn’s first ever winter collection and AI campaign

Midjourney prompts:


Different AI softwares used:


Hours spent prompting:


What was the main challenge?

Aim’n was launching their first ever winter collection and wanted to do a photoshoot in the Swiss alps, except they didn’t want to actually travel to Switzerland. So instead, we used AI to create a fake ski trip featuring Aim’n.

The creative process

We began by asking our client about their envisioned world when they were thinking about their ski trip to the Alps. What were their goals? How did they want to represent Aimn? Once we had a clearer understanding of the project requirements, we started brainstorming and developing an AI world that Aimn could approve.

The challenge was to build a story that one level felt real, while also leaving some elements of surprise to simultaneously show the use of AI. We spent hours coming up with the best way to tell a story that could merge the physical clothing collection with the mental image of a luxury ski trip, considering both visually exciting elements while keeping the brand in focus.

How did we manage to overcome it?

Using a combination of different AI tools we managed to generate creatives that achieved the look of a campaign that could have been real, but still left elements of surprise. The result was a cross platform launch, and the campaign was pushed in social, paid, in store and on their website

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