Paid Social

Global reach with local touch

👉 One of the most effective levers for demand generation and scaling growth, paid social enables businesses the ability to reach the billions of social media users around the world with accuracy thanks to robust targeting capabilities based on consumer interests and behavior.

👉 Creative is paramount to the success of a paid social ad, and also one of the major pain points we hear from businesses — with ad fatigue happening as quickly as 1-2 weeks out from deployment, there’s a need to have creative production pipelines and processes built out and team members across both creative and marketing to analyze what’s working and what to test next.

👉 Aside from gaining experts focused on media buying and campaign optimization, partnering with Twigeo means you get embedded creative strategists and designers on your team who will bring to the table deep industry knowledge and experience. Tactically, this means our creative team members are as keyed into performance KPIs as you are, which means nothing gets lost in translation, and our teams are able to quickly design and iterate on a creative testing roadmap, bring innovative ideas for testing, and derive strong, actionable insights from the data.

👉 Collectively Twigeo has managed over $500 million of media spend on paid social alone, and this figure will only continue growing exponentially as social media usage continues to grow worldwide and newer social platforms continue improving their advertising offerings.

“You guys just simply understand our business, thank you for the continued great work”

Tyson Nguyen, VP of Growth Marketing at FitOn


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