Measure your true marketing impact with GEO Ex

Our clients use Twigeo GEO Experiments to measure the true, incremental value of a certain marketing channel or campaign, independent of any biased tracking-based attribution framework. With increasing privacy regulations and data restrictions worldwide, our experiments deliver trustworthy marketing measurement in a world that is filled with more partial data and measurement gaps than ever before. 

Insights generated from GEO Experiments

➡️ How many incremental conversions your campaigns drive on any digital or offline channel (yes, even “untrackable” channels like TV)
➡️ Understand how effective your awareness or branding campaigns are at generating awareness that leads to installs or bottomline sales
➡️ Cross-channel measurement: Understand which channel or combinations of channels that drive true results and which ones cannibalize on organic traffic

All achieved while being privacy-compliant without any dependency on sensitive IDs, personal data, cookies or other deprecating trackers.

Our approach to Geo Experiments  | Not all experiments are created equally 

All incrementality tests are based on a test and a control group. For GEO Experiments, these two groups are created based on geographical location like region, DMA or city. The critical component is to create a fair, unbiased and representative control group that accounts for different user-behavior across different parts of the specific market. To solve this for our clients, Twigeo leverages a unique variation of something called synthetic control groups.

Our unique approach to GEO Experiments was first created by PhD Scientist and marketing researchers in 2021 and has been further refined by Twigeo ever since. In late 2022, Twigeo partnered up with Meta to work together with their Marketing Science team to further develop the best Geo Experiment framework on the market.  

What you can expect from a Twigeo GEO experiment

➡️ To understand the true value or impact of a marketing channel or specific campaign tactic (online and offline).
➡️ Actionable results you can trust. By involving both Marketing experts and PhD scientists, every single test has an optimal statistical design with results that provide actionable marketing insights.
➡️ Transparent and unbiased results that can be replicated and validated by your data team
➡️ A fast and seamless test experience. Our proven approach to GEO Experiments requires little to no work on your end and tests can be designed in a matter of days.

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