Bulk Upload your Apple Search Ads


What Is Apple Search Ads?


Apple Search allows you to serve targeted ads in the App Store based on keywords, location, age, and previous installs. You pay for your ads to be displayed in the App Store based on user search queries, which are then shown at the top of app store search. You can reach high intent users on the most affordable ad platform. These are key variables that must be defined when building campaigns.




Developing easy ways to build and launch campaigns is crucial as both the platform and partner initiatives expand. Positioning account managers to act quickly and effectively is a key part of Twigeo’s mission.


Currently, account managers are only able to bulk upload keywords in the Apple Search Ads UI. It can take a lot of time to create campaigns and ad groups at scale, with thousands of keyword combinations and different targeting options. Apple has a duplication feature to copy ad groups, keywords, demographic information and other settings into other campaigns. Unfortunately, this has to be done on a one-by-one basis.


Bulk Upload Your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords with the Twigeo Apple Bulk Upload Tool (TABU)


At Twigeo, we have built a tool that allows our partners to bulk upload not only keywords, but also ad groups and campaigns with all necessary targeting variables. Launching ASA campaigns can be a tedious process, but Twigeo puts the speed and ease in your execution. So, in no time, you can beat the competition to market and have many campaigns up and running.


Does TABU Help?


Twigeo launched 170 campaigns, 1000+ ad groups across 46 markets the day after Apple’s new geos announcement using TABU. We believe in positioning our partners to have a quick turnaround time and to maximize efficiency.


What’s Next?


Stay tuned for TABU Version 2, which will focus on bidding and budget automation at scale!


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