Fine-tuning Global Music Markets


SoundCloud is the world’s leading music and audio discovery platform, built for artists, podcasters, and record labels. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited offers the tools creators need to share their music, grow their audience, and build their careers.

Twigeo partnered with SoundCloud to efficiently scale Pro subscriptions via paid social, search, and display marketing tactics, while obtaining and communicating marketplace learnings to help drive SoundCloud Pro product decisions. We scaled subscriptions domestically and in new markets by fine tuning the SoundCloud Creator go-to-market strategy across Paid Social, Search, and Display channels. 

Main Challenge

The main goal for the Twigeo team was to bring something new and fresh to Soundcloud’s paid media strategy. This required an overhaul of their paid media strategy to incorporate new targeting structures, tracking models, and creative concepts. 

How did we overcome it?

We created and then launched a global restructure that allowed for us to localize campaigns on the geo level. Our learnings allowed Soundcloud to fully leverage core channels like Facebook. This gave us levers to focus on the most efficient and scalable markets, balance new user acquisition and retargeting efforts, and improve ROI for each country.

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