A Successful Partnership


Since 2015, Twigeo has been a close partner of KRY, working with all types of performance marketing campaigns for KRY, including but not limited to: awareness, user acquisition and retargeting.

We were primarily tasked with building and executing KRY’s marketing strategy, campaign setup and management. In parallel to this we also formed KRY’s Go-To market strategy for multiple markets, including Norway, France and the UK.
Through our marketing efforts we have helped KRY to scale user growth, and have been an integral part of the journey that has led KRY to become the number one digital healthcare app in Sweden.

Main Challenge

The landscape for digital healthcare providers has changed rapidly over the span of just a few years. 
For a long time, KRY had a clear first-mover advantage, but competitors are quickly catching up, and so are their marketing budgets. 

Recently, the main challenge for Twigeo has been to continue to adapt, maintain and scale performance in an increasingly competitive landscape. We do this by staying relevant with seasonality, health trends, and by finding the right mix of messages, creatives and audiences. 

Trimming Fat and trusting the algorithm
Thanks to our partnership with Facebook, we learned that some audiences were depleting from Facebook’s side. Due to the fact that GDPR introduced limitations on Facebook’s algorithms, we abandoned granular interest and demographic audience targeting in favour of broader audiences.

We also decided to focus on creatives which are broader in their message, and in turn were able to successfully simplify the account structure. By doing so, we were able to merge adsets into larger audiences, and give more freedom to Facebook’s algorithm.  

Learning: There is always a balance between scale and relevance, and in this case, we had to move away from granular targeting.

We were able to successfully pinpoint and execute on several evergreen concepts.

By focusing our messaging around the value KRY brings to their users, we were able to pinpoint a multitude of concepts and messages that we could run as always-on campaigns.

Languages: Arabic.

When reviewing audiences for any type of client, we gage the amount of prospects that are available, and by doing this we were able to identify an untapped market for KRY.
Since Arabic is the second largest language in Sweden, we created a concept highlighting that KRY has doctors which speak several languages. Language targeting and localised copy worked incredibly well in this case. Which resulted in high engagement ratings due to users tagging and sharing the feature with their friends. This proved to be a very cost efficient user acquisition strategy.  

This concept reduced Costs by 50%

Opening Hours

One of KRY’s main value propositions is that they are open 24 hours a day, and that you can meet a doctor almost instantly wherever you are. 
This disruptive way of meeting doctors, caters to people who work irregular hours and those who live in remote areas  . 
Marketing during the night was highly relevant and successful. By combining dayparting schedules across Facebook and Snapchat, we created a new top performing concept in 2019.

Reduced costs by 30% & generated over 2500 doctor meetings!

Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive Pills was the first evergreen concept we brought forth for KRY. This campaign has been a key factor in driving growth since early 2019.  It has not only performed and delivered greatly over time, it also reaches one of KRY’s core audiences (younger females). It pinpoints one of KRY’s strongest  value propositions; renew your prescriptions instantly through your phone. This concept worked extremely well because it provides a solution to a common pain point in the demographic. 

We supported this evergreen concept with iterations, and AB tested relentlessly.

This concept reduced Costs by 50%

Health Test

This particular concept expanded the male demographic for KRY. With the Health Test creative we acquired male users, at acquisition costs which were incredibly lower than other concepts. After launching in early 2019, the creative rapidly gained traction across both Facebook and Snapchat. This concept was successful because it resonates with healthy users as well. Health Test was a key factor for generating a recent all-time high in registration intake.


We utilized the learnings from our deep experience running Snapchat ads to design a strategy that Snapchat has recognized as excellent. The campaigns we implemented for KRY have been featured as a case of exemplary setup and optimal performance results. A key success factor has been designing creatives specifically for this channel and its audience.

Transparent and granular reporting gave us immediate insights to campaign performance and enabled quick optimizations to help meet targets. In addition, being a long-term partner meant that we could conduct analyses based on data spanning over several years to gain insights about seasonality effects, organic uplift and the K factor (virality factor), as well as frequency and saturation. The learnings have been instrumental in devising the performance marketing strategy and aligning it with KRY’s business goals.”
Another of our success factors was communicating a clear Value Proposition & Clear CTA in all our creatives.

Apple Search Ads

In March 2019, Apple Search Ads became available to advertisers in Sweden. Since Twigeo works with multi market clients, we were able to utilize previous learnings and apply best practices for KRY’s Apple Search Ads campaigns already from day one.
We were ready to launch a complete campaign strategy and channel setup with brand, generic and competitor keywords – beating many competitors and their agencies to market on this network.

Apple Search Ads have since become an important channel for KRY. In 2019, the channel has continued to grow and now represents a fundamental part of KRY’s marketing efforts. To date, we have acquired over 30,000 registrations on this network alone, using a mix of conquesting keywords as well as protecting the KRY keyword from competitors with brand keywords.

Throughout the years we are still able to reach our quarterly growth improvements. In fact, we have consistently lowered the CAC by average of 15% each Quarter since 2017. We are continually experimenting and innovating in order to find new angles to approach this  increasingly competitive market.

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