Searching For A Better English Exam


The Duolingo English Test is a modern English proficiency assessment for today’s international students and institutions. 

The test is available online, on demand, without the hassle of traveling to a test center. The entire test experience takes just under an hour. Test results are certified within 48 hours, and they can be shared with an unlimited number of institutions.

Main Challenge

Twigeo was tasked with implementing a Google search engine marketing strategy that would present Duolingo English Test as the top alternative to other language proficiency exams and grow the amount of users that would try practice exams and eventually utilize the Duolingo English Test in their plan to apply to US universities.  We needed to highlight the differentiating features of Duolingo English Test to get users with intent to consider and take action. We also needed to operate with efficiency and ensure that we’re serving our message to users that are most likely to engage and convert.


To rise to the challenge, Twigeo needed to find which features were engaging users. Using Google’s Responsive Search Ads, we tested numerous callouts dynamically to identify the most engaging elements of their offering. 

Twigeo also sought the sweet spot of efficiency and scale by testing automated Target CPA bidding for various actions within the conversion funnel. Through tests across competitive keywords, we deciphered which categories to bid upon to hit efficiency goals.

Main Takeaways

1. You never know which combination of callouts will drive top engagement- unless you test. We used Google’s Responsive Search Ads to test new and engaging product features.

2. Test automated bidding for all stages of your conversion funnel. For example, if you optimize toward an event too high up in the funnel, you may get a lot of scale but inefficient CPA in lower funnel as users may be less qualified to convert. 

Also, test out automated bidding for all the stages of your product conversion funnel. If you’re optimizing toward an event that is too high up in the funnel, you may get a lot of scale, but inefficient CPA in the lower funnel as users may be less qualified to convert. Optimize too low in the funnel, you may not be giving the AI enough data points to find the scale of users that you are looking for.

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