Remote Work In The Time Of Corona

Twigeo’s WFH Tips and Tricks

With the current escalating pandemic, it’s no news that many of us around the world are working from home in isolation. Working across the Atlantic in 3 offices/3 departments and various constellations, we’re fairly familiar with working remotely. Still — challenges remain around altered resources and reduced personal interaction. Like a lot of other lists on the internet, here are some of the tools we love that help us make collaboration a smooth experience and make sure we still feel like a team. 

This one works as a digital whiteboard – including post-it notes. Miro works great in workshops or when we’re just sharing initial thoughts before putting them into a presentation or action plan. Eg. Structuring a creative testing plan, or ideating on new creative ideas. 

Soapbox is a nifty Chrome extension that records your screen and your webcam. Normally, we present our Sprint Demos over Hangouts and in person to our local teams. This time, we used Soapbox to record and share videos of our team presenting their work. Not only did we avoid having to navigate poor internet, and 35 people signing into a Google Hangouts call, but also watching ourselves is such great feedback for becoming better orators.

An employee pulse survey tool that we’ve been using for the past few months but it comes especially handy right now to check in on how people are doing. The team at &frankly launched a pulse on remote collaboration that we’re using this week to understand how we’re doing at WFH. 

But in these times, it’s not enough to just leave the conversation at how we work. Rather we must also talk about how we are. So we created our own wellbeing pulse to start a discussion about our mental and physical health while we stay away from our usual social and physical interactions and routines.

Good old fashioned phone calls: Over this week, we’re quickly realising that the best tool is really the basic phone call – the equivalent of walking up to your colleagues desk and asking a quick question + no network interruptions! We’ve been using these calls as an excuse to stretch our legs and explore our neighbourhoods. #efficiency 

PS. Shout out to our usual favourites:
Hangouts, Slack, Dropbox Paper. 

What are the tools you’re using to keep up with your work? 

🤓 Uditi Shah
Process Manager, Twigeo

📅 March 27, 2020