Embarking on the best year yet

In 2021 we ushered in a new era of privacy with iOS14, welcomed the golden age of video marketing and watched a lot of  content on TikTok. 

With a new year comes reaching for new heights. 

As a consumer, 2022 will offer more opportunities to engage with the brands you love. From a brands’ perspective, hopping onto trends positioned to achieve growth and deliver meaningful results is more important than ever.

iOS14: A Year of Limited Tracking

Last year’s launch of iOS14 sent ripples through the mobile marketing industry.  82% of iOS users updated and 65% of these people opted out of tracking. The result? A 20-50% increase in CPIs. At Twigeo, we saw this as an opportunity to diversify our channel mix.

Media Mix Models to the Rescue

The launch of iOS14 meant results and retargeting were skewed. But limited reporting doesn’t mean we need to panic. Twigeo worked with Facebook to develop Media Mix Modeling (MMM).
Our model churns out an accurate prediction of downloads by combining external factors like seasonality, promotions, and product changes. 
If you would like to know more, please reach out directly to eric@twigeo.com – one of our Media Mix Model specialists

Trends to try this year

Stack Your Roster with TikTok

TikTok viewers spend approx. 1 day per month on the platform! That’s waaaay more time than those on YouTube. Even better, 44% of TikTok users are unique to the platform- meaning, TikTokers make up a large age demographic who aren’t on Facebook anymore. For all the consumers falling through the cracks, TikTok is an opportunity for brands to reach younger, engaged audiences.

Test App Store Pages

Customized app store pages create a consistent user journey from ad to app store. When users search for something specific (‘learn french’), they will be directed to a landing page with a matching theme (a Duolingo page featuring baguettes and the french flag). Reach out to aso@twigeo.com to learn how we can use your app store pages for more efficient traffic.

Increase Video in
your Ad Mix

Last year 63% of mobile traffic came from video. Let that sink in. What’s more? Video representation in the ad mix is predicted to grow to approx. 76% by 2025. Get ready to fold more content into your media mix! Twigeo can help make the most out of video assets through our testing frameworks.

Looking Ahead

2021 has been a year of growth at Twigeo. We lept over major industry hurdles, onboarded some new exciting clients and finally started to work together in person again. 

Twigeo campaigns helped drive well over half a million new subscriptions for our clients in 2021. We have also successfully grown many of our clients that are focused on e-commerce and retention. Regardless of how you define success for your product, we have the expertise to deliver growth. 

2022 is sure to present new challenges and we are confident we can turn them into exciting opportunities for our clients. 

Interested in chatting to learn more? Reach out here.

🤓 Team Twigeo
📅 January 10th, 2022