Bye 2020, hello 2021!

2020 was full of challenge and change. Home became the new office, TikTok rocked the app store, and we all remembered to appreciate the little things. Through this demanding year, Twigeo has grown our team and helped our clients succeed. We thank you for growing with us!

2020 Global CPM Trend Observed at Twigeo

As the world switches to low-touch economy, social media becomes even more essential. We have observed this change in the CPM data that Twigeo generated on Facebook this year.

Start of Global Lockdown
CPMs got cheaper as businesses pulled back advertising efforts.

Lockdown Easing
More brands embraced digital marketing, increasing CPMs and making the market more competitive.

Shopping Season
CPMs surged as holiday advertising emerged.

We might not have a crystal ball, but we’ve got a good feeling about these trends in 2021: 

The Era of Privacy
For our app clients, data privacy is here to stay. Mobile users will begin automatic enrollment into Limited Ad Tracking. At Twigeo, we expect that media plans will shift towards a more holistic approach, tying in search and social, and relying more heavily on creatives to do the targeting.

Remixed User Content
Triller and TikTok grew in their ubiquity, allowing more amateurs to show an authentic side in branded videos. In 2021, these video formats will strengthen performance, force change for bigger platforms, and redefine what native content means. If you haven’t tested out UGC ads for your brand, reach out to your Twigeo account lead!

Activism in the Awareness Funnel
Consumers are judging brands on their politics and beliefs, embracing the idea of voting with their dollars more and more. This also poses an opportunity for brands to increase awareness, using the brand’s ethics as a primary education point.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday!

From the Twigeo family, thank you for growing your business with us over the past year. Presented with protests, pandemic, and US election year, Twigeo has grown our team and our offering to clients. We are looking forward to a great year with you in 2021. Onwards and upwards.  

🤓 Team Twigeo
📅 December 22, 2020