Behind the scenes

The SKAN 4.0 Rundown

SKAN 4.0 brings us the most substantial measurement changes to Apple’s attribution system. Read on to know more.

Landing Page Best Practices

Landing pages have become an increasingly important focal point for marketers and product managers alike – we’re here to help you get started.

Creative Testing: AI is the new A/B

Goodbye AB, hello AI. See how Twigeo tests creatives in a world dominated by algorithms.

2022 – Embarking on the best year yet

As a consumer, 2022 will offer more opportunities to engage with the brands you love.

Bye 2020, hello 2021

2020 was full of challenge and change. But how did that impact our campaigns and what can we look forward to?

How the US election is impacting your Facebook marketing

Political media spend has been rapidly increasing since mid-September. So how will this affect your performance?

Is TikTok changing our social media behaviour?

What makes it so addicting, how does that impact advertising and what possibilities does the platform offer.

Optimizing your opt-in tracking rates on iOS 14

To keep an edge in the iOS marketing field you must optimise the Opt-into tracking flow in your app for ios14.

Marketing Exploratory Data Analysis

Adopting a data exploration framework to avoid anxiety.

Adopting an Annotation-Driven Culture

Organizations want to adopt a “data-driven” culture. But many are left with the question: “what to do next?”

Setting your marketing strategy during and after Covid-19

What the Chinese App Store trends may tell us about the future of the app industry in the rest of the world.

Remote Work In The Time Of Corona

Here are some of the tools we love that help us make collaboration a smooth experience and make sure we still feel like a team.

Covid-19 cases, Dow Jones and Facebook CPMs

The Covid-19 outbreak has made waves in pretty much every aspect of our lives. For us as a marketing agency this becomes present in a rapidly changing digital landscape where consumer behaviors can change overnight.

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